About us

Pale Blue Dot is developed by Bonfire Interactive, an indie startup initially from Braunschweig and now from Aachen and Dresden in Germany. Bonfire was officially founded by Stefan Reitmann and Alexander Gillissen in 2018, but work on the game already started in 2016. We are gamers from heart and have been since our youth and now we live our early dream of developing our own game. To support development we are looking for freelancing contributors or employees which will help to make Pale Blue Dot happen. Official release of the game is roughly planned for 2021.

Stefan ("Reiti") is the creative part of Bonfire Interactive. Stefan feels at home in Blender and creates the graphics for Pale Blue Dot there. He is a big fan of RocketBeansTV, Dark Souls and turn-based strategy. Besides gaming, he is into artificial intelligence, sports and makes music from time to time.
Best Linux? openSUSE!
Best game? Silent Storm!
Alex is the brain behind Pale Blue Dot. He brings his long experience from strategy games into the game concept and designs deep mechanics and simulations. He is particularly fan of Paradox Entertainment's games, such as Europa Universalis. Besides gaming, he is involved in IT security, Star Trek and takes Linux out into the world.
Best Linux? Arch!
Best game? Europa Universalis IV!